Menchankotei Fujisakihonten

A combination of noodles and chankonabe, a stew of assorted ingredients, which has been a Fukuoka's soul food loved for many years. The noodles are firm due to the unique blend of ingredients, and the soup is made from more than 10 different ingredients making it full of natural flavor.


Hospitality items

  • COVID-19 Safe Certified Shop Infection Prevention Certificate issued by Fukuoka Prefecture
  • Stop COVID-19 Sticker issued by Fukuoka Prefecture
  • Good Up Fukuoka (Fukuoka Chamber of Commerce and Industry Project)
  • English Menu Alcoholic drinks available (from lunchtime)
  • English Menu Free Wi-Fi
  • English Menu Non-smoking
  • English Menu Table seating available
2-8-1 Momochi Sawara-ku, Fukuoka City 814-0006
Business hours
Capacity and number of seats
Maximum number of people for one group
Maximum number of people for one group 50
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