The Fukuoka Experience

Fukuoka is known as "a treasure trove of food" thanks to its proximity to fishing ports and abundance of agricultural products. You'll be welcomed with Fukuoka specialties such as motsunabe (offal hotpot), yakitori skewers, and ramen noodles.


Hospitality items



Fukuoka's famous ramen noodles, a dish whose accompanying broth is unique to each restaurant.

Fukuoka ramen is characterized by its pale broth made mainly from pork bones, and ultra-thin noodles. You can choose the hardness of the noodles, and you can also order kaedama, an extra serving of noodles to top up your broth, another feature of Fukuoka. There are many kinds of ramen in Fukuoka, including the pork-bone broth tonkotsu ramen, shōyu soy sauce ramen, miso ramen, and other restaurant specialties.



You can enjoy not only Japanese cuisine but also international noodle dishes.

In Fukuoka, there is not only ramen but also a wide variety of other noodles characterized by soft noodles with a clear broth, including udon, soba, and champon. They are reasonably priced, easy to eat, and delicious. Here are some such restaurants.



Why not try Japanese nabe hotpot dishes? Fukuoka has its own unique nabe, too.

Nabe are Japanese hotpot dishes in which the ingredients in the pot are cooked and eaten at the table. Among these, Fukuoka boasts some nabe dishes whose authentic flavors can only be enjoyed here, such as motsunabe offal hotpot, a soy sauce-based nabe filled with garlic and Chinese chives, and mizutaki, a hotpot that utilizes its rich chicken stock to the full.

Yatai Food Stalls


Enjoy food and friendly communication at Hakata's famous yatai food stalls.

The Hakata area of Fukuoka is home to about 100 yatai, mobile stalls that serve food and drink. At night, yatai stalls with colorful noren shop curtains offer a variety of original dishes, including ramen, oden (small stewed items), gyōza dumplings, yakitori skewers, tempura, and other dishes that are unique to each stall.



Bakeries and pastry shops where you can enjoy Japanese unique bread and sweets.

At bakeries, you can find soft bread, sweet bread, stuffed bread, and other types of unique Japanese bread. At pastry shops, you can enjoy cakes, baked sweets, and Japanese sweets using Fukuoka's specialty fruits, such as Amaou strawberries.



Products ideal as Fukuoka specialties and souvenirs.

Fukuoka has a variety of specialty foods, such as mentaiko (spicy cod roe) and Amaou strawberries, and an abundance of Fukuoka dishes that make full use of these ingredients. Here are some souvenir shops that sell such foods, processed products, crafts, and other souvenirs to commemorate your visit to Fukuoka.