Experience Japanese cooking with the owner, who has 35 years of experience as a Japanese chef. Not only is he a skilled professional, but he is also a talented chef with experience cooking on TV programs. Let's experience the cooking while having fun and taste beautiful and delicious Japanese food!

Experience the joy of Japanese food! Learn directly from a professional chef.

This is a cooking class offered by the owner, a professional Japanese chef with 35 years of experience. He is serious about the presentation and taste of the food. This is a great opportunity for you to have a unique and fun experience, whether you like cooking or not!

After making the food, it's time to enjoy eating it!

After serving the dishes beautifully, it's time to eat them. Enjoy the different flavors and presentations while reaffirming the charm of Japanese food! Make the most of it in your daily cooking!

A valuable experience to learn authentic Japanese cuisine from a professional chef!

Even if you are not familiar with cooking, don't worry! The great thing about the cooking experience is that anyone can enjoy authentic Japanese food preparation. The professional chef will instruct you on how to cook in a friendly and courteous manner. Just remember to book in advance! *Photographs are for illustrative purposes only.

Not only cooking but also presenting the food is fun♪

Japanese food is not only about taste, but also about presentation. Have fun while learning about the elegance and presentation unique to Japanese cuisine!


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  • COVID-19 Safe Certified Shop Infection Prevention Certificate issued by Fukuoka Prefecture
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Aoyaso 1F, 1-13-12 Sakurazaka, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City 810-0024
Business hours
(Experience) 11:00-16:00 (normal business) 12:00-14:00 (* reservation required) 17:00-20:30 (Last Order )
Capacity and number of seats
12 seats
Maximum number of people for one group
12 persons
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