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Kendō is a traditional Japanese martial art. This competitive Japanese swordsmanship involves two people aiming to strike each other on predetermined points. Through the practice of kendō, you can learn three important things: "unity of mind and spirit," "Japanese manners," and "lifelong kendō." Why not experience refining your mind, body and technique?

Kendō experience for international tourists!

Experience the peace of the dōjō, etiquette of kendō, clashing of shinai (bamboo swords), echoing voices... This is a tour where you can try firsthand samurai training to hone your mind, technique, and body.

First, change into the uniform, learn etiquette and get a lecture on the basics!

After learning the basics, including basic etiquette, you will practice striking with a shinai (bamboo sword). For large groups, team-building packages are also available.

Hitting the instructor

Under the guidance of experienced instructors, participants will learn the basics of kendō, from etiquette to how to hold the bamboo sword. Even beginners will get to actually strike with a bamboo sword.

Competitive games using paper balloons on the kendō mask

At the end of the session, you will experience a casual form of kendō, so that even beginners can actually fight an opponent.

Receive a kendō tenugui (thin cotton towel) as a souvenir!

After the program, which includes cultural lectures and demonstrations, a group photo will be taken. You will be given a tenugui (a thin cotton towel), which is a necessary item for kendō.


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Unique initiatives other than the above infection prevention measures
Complies with the Guidelines for Preventing the Spread of Infections of the All Japan Kendo Federation.
Fukuoka General Gymnasium, 6-1-1 Kashiiteriha, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka City 813--0017
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Capacity and number of seats
100 persons
Maximum number of people for one group
Maximum number of people for one group 100
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