They hold various events and lectures to enjoy Japanese culture, focusing on kabuki (traditional drama performed by an all-male cast) and tea ceremonies. You can experience Japanese culture, food, and aesthetics with all five senses in a way that's to follow for beginners. Feel free to take this opportunity to experience Japanese culture.

Experience the tea ceremony in an authentic Japanese tea room where you can experience wabisabi (the Japanese sense of beauty that emphasizes simplicity).

Konohana no kai is a premium tea party held only on the third Wednesday and Sunday of each month. It is held at a long-established French restaurant that is well-known for its refined cuisine and the beauty of its gardens and buildings. The tea ceremony is followed by a meal prepared by the executive chef.

Enjoy the unique tea culture of Japan

Dried confections called higashi are served during the tea experience. This is one of the varieties of sweets that are pleasing to the eye and remind us of the seasons.

First, learn about the manners and etiquette of the tea ceremony.

Ms. Yōko Yasukōchi, the founder of Konohana no kai, who also teaches tea ceremony at a vocational school, will teach you tea ceremony etiquette in an easy-to-understand manner.

The tea ceremony is followed by special cuisine prepared by the Executive Chef

Executive Chef Daisuke Yoshitake produces the cuisine. You can enjoy tea-inspired cuisine with special attention to detail.

Imaginative fusions of Japanese and French cuisine

After the tea experience, you can enjoy a full gastronomic course presented by Innovative French Watahan, a group of unique food producers. You can taste French-based special cuisine. (The photo is an example of a dish.)


Hospitality items

  • COVID-19 Safe Certified Shop Infection Prevention Certificate issued by Fukuoka Prefecture
  • Stop COVID-19 Sticker issued by Fukuoka Prefecture
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1-11-8 Shirogane, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City 810-0012
Business hours
Lunch ① 11:00-14:00 end Lunch ② 12:00-15:00 end Dinner ① 17:00-20:00 end Dinner ② 18:00-21:00 end
Capacity and number of seats
Minimum number of persons 2
Maximum number of people for one group
Maximum number of people for one group 3
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