Atelier Sakurazaka AZUL

Handmade cookies made with millet flour and yotsuba butter. Icing is applied to each one to express the charm of the four seasons and Fukuoka. Also recommended as a gift. Come and enjoy the masterpiece "Petit Jolly", which is fun to see and delicious to eat.

Enjoy learning tea ceremony etiquette while eating delicious cookies.

Atelier Sakurazaka AZUL, whose original Petit Jolie frosted cookies are popular, also offers a hands-on Japanese tea ceremony class using sencha (Japanese leaf tea). After learning tea ceremony etiquette, you can enjoy brewing yourself a cup of sencha tea with their frosted cookies.

Sencha (leaf tea) becomes much tastier simply by sticking to the right amount of leaves and temperature of hot water.

The trick to brewing a good cup of tea is to follow the amount of tea leaves and be a little more particular about the hot water temperature. These two tips are all it takes to enjoy a delicious cup of Japanese tea. You can learn these tips through this hands-on experience.

Taste the tea with cute frosted cookies.

Tantalize your taste buds with sencha green tea brewed by yourself with original frosted cookies. Frosted cookies are also available to purchase. *The cookie design changes depending on the season, so the cookies in the photo may not be available.


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1-3-28-22 Sakurazaka, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City 810-0024
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