Futabasushi Mitoma

Why not try making creative Edomae-style pickled sushi. This restaurant offers the taste of Ginza and Nakasu at affordable prices. Specialties include "live" abalone odorizushi, seared sushi, and steamed sushi. During the experience, you do not have to use a knife, so anyone can enjoy the experience of making nigirizushi.

Experience making sushi with a professional chef.

You can join a nigirizushi experience that uses a secret red vinegar-flavored sushi rice at Futaba Sushi, which was established in 1939. Professional chefs will teach you tips and techniques so that you can make your own sushi back home.

Tuna, salmon, tiger pufferfish, and other popular toppings are available!

The sushi experience includes 8 pieces of sushi* (egg, salmon, octopus, tuna, tiger pufferfish, shrimp, salmon roe, flying fish roe, and unique inari.)
*Subject to change depending on the season, weather, and availability.

Start your experience by learning from professional chefs!

This is a scene of the nigirizushi experience, making small portions of rice with fish on top. Everyone looks very serious. *If you can't eat certain toppings, they will try to replace them as much as possible. Consult them when you make a reservation.

Why not experience nigirizushi with your friends and family?

The best part of the experience is enjoying sushi-making while chatting. You will also learn how to prepare vinegared rice in a simple way and how to enjoy sushi at home.

An authentic nigirizushi experience, including searing toppings with a burner.

A professional chef will generously share his tips for bringing out the best taste of the toppings. With just a few simple modifications, you can enjoy the authentic taste of sushi at home.

This 90-minute hands-on class is recommended as a memorable experience during your trip to Fukuoka.

The sushi you make can be tasted as a meal at this restaurant. Sushi made by yourself tastes exceptional! For a memorable experience of your trip, why not try this sushi experience that uses fresh seafood from Fukuoka?


Hospitality items

  • COVID-19 Safe Certified Shop Infection Prevention Certificate issued by Fukuoka Prefecture
  • Stop COVID-19 Sticker issued by Fukuoka Prefecture
  • Good Up Fukuoka (Fukuoka Chamber of Commerce and Industry Project)
  • English Menu Bathroom available
  • English Menu Parking available
101 Pleasant Building, 6-15-72 Mitoma, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka City 811-0201
Business hours
Complete reservation system for sushi experience Mon / Tue / Sun 14:30-16:00
Capacity and number of seats
Counter 3 seats Digging table 12 seats
Maximum number of people for one group
Maximum number of people for one group 12
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