Morimoto Nohbutai

Morimoto Noh Butai Theater offers hands-on lessons in a traditional Noh theater. Located an 8-minute walk from Sakurazaka Subway Station.

Trial lesson on a Noh stage in a quiet residential area.

Morimoto Noh Butai offers Noh trial lessons onstage, one of Japan's most well-known classical performing arts. Not only will you get to actually go up on stage and experience the world of Noh, but you will also get to touch Noh masks and other items that you would normally never be able to see up close, and also to try on these outfits yourself.

Why not experience Noh, an art with a history of 650 years?

Noh lessons are taught by Tetsurō Morimoto, a Noh performer of the Kanze school and holder of the Comprehensive Designation of Important Intangible Cultural Asset.

Learn how to don a Noh costume

The demonstration will show you how to put on a Noh costume, which is different from the normal kimono dress.

Noh musical experience.

A professional musician will perform a traditional song using a traditional instrument. Instruments include the fue (flute), kotsuzumi (small hand drum), ōtsuzumi (large hand drum), or taiko (drums). *One cannot specify the instrument in advance.

Trial lessons on an actual Noh stage.

Even for the Japanese being able to learn while onstage is a rare privilege, which you can do through these lessons.


Hospitality items

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3-8-1 Kego, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City 810-0023
Business hours
Capacity and number of seats
200 seats for spectators
Maximum number of people for one group
Group 5 persons ~ (Reservations can be made from 1 person)
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