A river cruise that is very popular for sightseeing that gracefully explores the cityscape of Fukuoka by boat. This water sightseeing boat departs from and arrives at the Naka River that runs through the center of Fukuoka City. You can enjoy the cityscape of Fukuoka both day and night. The lively scenery and night view of Fukuoka is very beautiful!

Cruise the river of Fukuoka City and Hakata Bay!

Boats depart from and arrive at the Naka River, which flows through the center of Fukuoka City. The 30-minute River Cruise allows you to enjoy the vibrant city of Fukuoka from the water.
On the 45-minute Hakata Bay Cruise, you can enjoy the beautiful night view of Nakasu, Kyushu's busiest shopping and entertainment district, food stalls lining the river, and Canal City Hakata, a popular sightseeing spot. Both cruises are luxurious excursions where you can relax and enjoy time away from everyday life.

The Nakasu Cruise takes you along the Naka River, which flows into Hakata Bay.

This daytime course offers a dynamic city view, with ten 30-minute trips running daily. While a bright noon cruise is great, the evening sunset cruise is just as beautiful.

Fukuoka at night has a different look.

A night course is perfect for enjoying the neon lights and food stalls lining the riverside in Nakasu, Fukuoka's downtown area. The neon lights reflected on the surface of the river and the lively atmosphere of the food stalls are a sight that can only be experienced in Fukuoka, the largest city in Kyushu.

The exhilarating Hakata Bay Cruise takes you on a graceful trip around the city of Hakata.

The Hakata Bay course is an elegant 45-minute cruise around Fukuoka Tower and the baseball dome. Limited to one cruise per day, this course offers exhilarating views of Hakata Bay, Naka River, sunset, and night scenery. Also available for private charter.


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