You can visit and see this 150 year old Hakata sake brewery that was established in 1870. The spacious premises include a sake brewingery museum, a directly managed store, a bakery, and a restaurant. In addition to guided tours tastings are also available.

A Sake brewery tour at a long-established brewery founded in 1876.

At Suginoya of Hamachi Sake Brewery Co., visitors can tour the inside of the sake brewery, which won the Fukuoka City Urban Landscape Award in 2006, the year it was built and founded. You can have guided tours of the sake brewery museum, and there is also a sake tasting corner!

An attendant will explain the saké making process.

Take a tour, observe the sake making process, and come look at the sake barrels and tools that were used in the past. Getting a commemorative photo taken while wearing the Suginoya happi coat is also popular.

You can also taste the various sake to find your favorite flavor.

In addition to the tour of the museum, there is a tasting corner with something for everyone to enjoy. At the sake tasting corner behind the sales counter, visitors can taste non-alcoholic sweet amazake, plum wine, high-quality daiginjō, new sake, and more.

Enjoy shopping in a historical building.

At the main building of Suginoya, which has retained its original appearance, visitors can shop for sake, plum wine, sweet non-alcoholic amazake, and local beer, as well as by-products such as sake kasu (sake lees) and itakasu (sheets of sake lees). Perfect for gifts or home use. Courier services are also available.

Limited-edition seasonal local craft beers are also available.

Besides sake, there are a wide variety of beers, including direct-packaged local craft beers and seasonal/number-limited local beers! These would make for excellent souvenirs.


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*Guide service available. *Tasting available. *Tour buses are welcome.
1442 Motooka Nishi-ku, Fukuoka City 819-0385
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