Kenbidokoro Ofukudou

You can receive treatment in a completely private room at this chiropractic, oil massage, and dry head spa. A different member of staff is in charge of each treatment, so if two or more people want to have the same treatment they will be served in order.

Realign any distortions in your whole body!

Seitai is a form of bodywork that realigns the distortions of the body. The whole body can be treated, or just the part of the body that is bothering you. Let's adjust your posture and lighten your daily fatigue!

Scapular peel

This is one of the most popular treatments on the menu, focusing around the shoulder area. The shoulder blades are widened and loosened. This treatment is recommended for shoulder stiffness caused by computer work.

Pelvic realignment

This treatment focuses on realigning the skeleton, which often gets distorted in the course of daily life. By getting closer to the correct posture, your body will feel light and refreshed.

Dry head spa

This treatment softens the scalp, which hardens due to eye strain, and improves blood flow, making it easier for nutrients to circulate to the hair.

Face-sliming massage

This massage takes about 60 minutes. It not only adjusts the face but the whole body, leading to a slimmer face.


Hospitality items

  • Good Up Fukuoka (Fukuoka Chamber of Commerce and Industry Project)
  • English Menu Credit card accepted (Visa)
  • English Menu Credit card accepted (Mastercard)
  • English Menu Credit card accepted (American Express)
  • English Menu Credit card accepted (JCB)
  • English Menu Bathroom available
Unique initiatives other than the above infection prevention measures
Staff wash their hands and wear masks. Well ventilated. Disinfectant is available. During treatments, the staff wear masks at all times. After each treatment, equipment is wiped down using alcohol, and the staff disinfect their hands.
Bon capital 601, 1-3-30 Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City 810-0041
Business hours
Capacity and number of seats
2 persons
Maximum number of people for one group
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