The Fukuoka Experience

This section features hands-on activities unique to Fukuoka, Ranging from traditional handicrafts like Hakata doll painting To culinary ones like making your own Mentaiko, a spicy cod Fish roe that Fukuoka is known for.


Hospitality items


Japanese Culinary Experience

Try Japanese cooking, such as sushi, tempura, yakitori skewers, and bentō boxes, using Fukuoka-sourced ingredients.

Here are some facilities and restaurants where you can experience cooking dishes Fukuoka is famous for, such as sushi and charcoal grilled yakitori skewers. You can join a variety of fun and tasty experiences while professional chefs teach you how to prepare and taste the food. English translation support is available, so please feel free to join.


Traditional Products

Factory and production visits that are fun for all ages, check out our ateliers, studios, and manufacturing sites.

Here are some facilities where you can see the behind-the-scenes of production processes for beer, mentaiko (spicy cod roe), and Hakata-ori textiles. Normally these are processes that are not open to the public making it a highly worthwhile experience if you would like to learn more about Japanese culture. Some facilities have direct-sales shops and restaurants, so you can enjoy eating while shopping too!


Traditional Craft-making Experience (painting etc.)

Experience long-established traditional Fukuoka crafts, such as Hakata-ori textiles weaving and Hakata doll making.

Hakata dolls boast a 400-year history, and Hakata-ori textiles trace their origins back to the Kamakura period in the 12th-14th centuries. You can learn about the rich history of the Hakata area and see, try, and buy the works of master artisans. Your own original works completed during the hands-on experiences will delight you as souvenirs.


English and Multilingual Guided Tours (city walks)

Discover the attractions of Fukuoka: a tourist-friendly city with beautiful nature and traditional culture

You can visit Fukuoka's major sightseeing spots on guided-walking tours, including historical sites and important cultural properties, focusing on tradition and culture. English and other language-speaking guides are available, too. The tours full of the spirit of hospitality will show you the charms and uniqueness of Fukuoka that you won't find in a guidebook.